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Why Watervale?

There are many reasons to use Watervale Geothermal & Radiant Heating, LLC versus other geothermal contractors, but we focus on the following three areas:


Watervale has been installing geothermal systems since 1992. Their 20+ years of expertise allows them to find the most efficient geothermal solution for your home. Whether you are building a new home or want to update your existing home, Watervale’s experience will help you meet your individual energy needs.


There is no one magic solution for every home. Watervale uses a combination of experience and innovation to assess every individual home. We will determine the most efficient and cost-effective alternatives available.


Being a Geothermal Specialist comes with big expectations and responsibility. Watervale’s commitment to quality includes assurance that your installation is completed by highly trained individuals and a guarantee that you are satisfied with your comfort system.

Our Company

In 1986, Watervale Heating & A/C was established in Fallston, Maryland. Due to their professionalism, hard work and dedication, the business grew tremendously. In 1992, Watervale made the decision to become a Geothermal Specialist and also a Waterfurnace Dealer. As such, employees received factory training in addition to training that coincided with duties in their particular fields. We will continue to embrace newer technologies in an effort to consistently bring our customers top of the line service and equipment.


Joe Opdyke, Owner
Al Eacho, Geo Installation Manager
Toby Beavers, Service Manager
Debbie Opdyke, Secretary
Kathy Heckner, Secretary & Treasurer

Licensed and Insured

Watervale is fully liscensed and insured including Liability & Worker’s Comp.


There is 10-year manufacture’s warranty on equipment and parts with a labor allowance. There is also a two-year complete warranty from Watervale.

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